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All US Series pickups are made by hand in the USA


Bass Pickups

DB J-4 (Four String)
(Stock pickup in the Lakland Joe Osborn, Darryl Jones Signature)
Neck: 8.25K
Bridge: 8.60K

DB J-5 (Five String)
(Stock pickups in the Lakland Joe Osborn 5 and Darryl Jones 5)
Neck: 9.75K
Bridge: 10.25K

DB J-4 split coil set 
Neck: 8.00K
Bridge: 8.60K

P-4 vintage set

P-4 Neopunch set
(Stock pickup in Lakland Bob Glaub and Duck Dunn Signatures)

PJ set DB J-4 split-coil bridge & P-4 Vintage
P set: 11k
Split-coil J bridge: 8.60K

PJ Neopunch set
P set: 11k
Split-coil J bridge: 8.60K

Now Available:
LH-3 Active pickup/preamp system for 4 and 5 string basses
(Stock system in Lakland 4-94, 44-02, 55-94 and 55-02 basses)
For prices, options and lead time, contact us.

CS Series Pickups
(Internally the same as Lakland Chi-Sonics)

Guitar Pickups:

S3 "Strat" Type
Neck & Middle: 6.65 K
Bridge: 7.07 K

Neck: 8.60 K
Bridge: 9.60 K

Coming Soon:
T2 "Tele" type
Neck: 7.37 K
Bridge 7.62 K

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